Toluwalase Odusoga



Toluwalase Odusoga is the Practice Administrator at Oyewole and Adesina. She is primarily responsible for managing the administrative processes of the firm, ensuring the systematic performance of all business units and providing essential support for proper functioning of the legal team. Toluwalase deals with developing and implementing the firm’s business plans and strategies, monitoring and controlling key resources to guarantee optimal results at all times. Her core areas of competence include business administration, financial management, strategy planning and personnel management.

Prior to joining the Firm, Toluwalase worked at Pel Managers Limited as the Business Development Manager for four years. She also had a stint at Auctus Legal in an administrative role, where her passion for legal practice administration was birthed. She is a product of the Business Administration department of the prestigious University of Lagos and a member of the Association of Law Firm Administrators of Nigeria (ALAN).