Notary Public Services

A Notary Public in Nigeria is appointed by the Chief Justice of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and is deemed an officer of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. In other words, a Notary Public is an extension of the court as he is authorized to administer oaths.

Our Notary Public Services cover administering oaths, making affirmations, taking affidavits and statutory declarations, witnessing and authenticating certain classes of documents, verifying identities, certifying as true copy original of documents, taking acknowledgements of deeds and other conveyances, providing exemplifications and notarial copies. These documents which are used either locally or internationally include Deeds, Powers of Attorney, Affidavits, Licenses, Contracts, Loan documents, Trusts, Certificates etc. In addition we also assist in undertaking legalization and authentication of documents with the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in Foreign Embassies and Consular Offices in Nigeria.

At Oyewole & Adesina, we operate an effective, prompt, reliable, ethical and integrity-driven notary public services.